TV & Radio

Many small businesses believe that TV and radio advertising is beyond their means. Advertising on local stations and, especially, on cable television can be surprisingly affordable. Armed with the right information, the small-‐business owner may find that TV and radio advertising can, in fact, deliver more customers than any other type of ad campaign.

Short Form TV

Lakeshore Media designs and produces Short Form TV Spots to attract your target audience and achieve response objectives. First and foremost these spots are designed to drive traffic and move product. These 15 to 120 second spots, deliver results!

Short Form TV ads call customers to action, promote events and are a highly-‐strategic tactic for driving viewers to websites and call centers.

Lakeshore Media provides complete, effective short form solutions; including creative production, media buying and analysis, result tracking and campaign management.

Long Form TV

While other agencies have shied away from the Long Form TV commercials, Lakeshore Media has embraced this highly successful form of direct response advertising. A combination of creative talent, production, experienced media buying and our proprietary analytic and reporting system allows us to offer these optimally performing 5 – 30 minute shows, maximizing our client’s sales success.

Animation is available
Radio Creative is available along with jingles
Lakeshore Media has a state of the art facility providing complete product fulfillment from packaging to global shipping.