Print & Direct Mail

Print advertising provides a well established and proven forum to reach your target audience through their favorite publications.

Newspapers offer a quick turn around and low CPMs to drive a specific promotion or event.

Magazines have the ability to target specific audiences within their special interests to brand products or services. Magazine ads typically have a longer “shelf life”. Direct
mail is one of the most cost-‐effective tools you can use to communicate with your target audience and inspire new customers to inquire about your business. But the biggest advantage of direct mail is its ability to make personal, one-‐to-‐one contact with customers and prospects at a relatively low cost with a high return on investment.

Lakeshore Media’s Direct Mail programs offer a highly targeted way to reach prospective customers. These ads sell, build leads and drive web viewers using the same direct response principles as DRTV, while offering distinctly unique and economic targeting advantages.

Lakeshore Media’s Direct Mail solutions are designed to work alone or in conjunction with direct response television and the web maximizing results.